Choices Wall of Honor
We encourage, support, promote and celebrate success and achievement as we recognize people with intellectual/developmental disabilities as valued contributing members of our communities.

The Developmental Disabilities Hall of Fame was founded in Dayton, Ohio in 1989 as a commitment throughout the Miami Valley to recognize, honor and celebrate the achievements of people with intellectual/developmental disabilities as contributing valued members of our communities, as well as to acknowledge the long-time service of advocates and professionals. The Hall of Fame is coordinated through the Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disabilities Services, with the support of partner agencies and sponsors.

Individuals are inducted into various categories, including arts, sports, community service, employment, personal achievement and more. At Choices we celebrate clients who have earned their induction into the Hall of Fame:

Thomas Barnes

Tim Hughes

Sam Klapheke

Paul Lucas

Latisha Martin

David Pryor

Donald Rice

Mark Schoepper

James 'Pete' Smith

Director's Award - Hall of Fame - Judy Leasure

Donald Rice - 2015

Tim Hughes - 2006

David Pryor - 1995

Sam Klapheke - 2010

Pete Smith - 1997

Erin Ritchey Memorial Awards
were founded in Dayton, Ohio in 1990 by her family, Ken, Nancy and Kirk Ritchey, with support from across Ohio as a living tribute to her memory. Erin, born in 1981, attended the Early Childhood Education Center and had joined the mainstream of public education at the time of her death in an automobile accident.

The Awards recognize individuals and organizations that have made significant accomplishments and/or that have significantly improved the quality of lives for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Recipients include community partners, families, professionals, advocates and consumers. Awards are presented in various categories, including the Carl Day Volunteer Service Award, Erin's Award and more.

We honor and celebrate those we serve, our families, volunteers, community partners and staff who have been recognized with a regional Erin Ritchey Memorial Award, including:

Art & Soul statewide art exhibit

Beavercreek Police Department

Celeste Boehm (staff)

Carrie Ellis (family)

Englewood/Kleptz YMCA

Friends By Choice (Choices volunteers)

Maurice Hollingsworth (consumer)

Dianna Hudson Metcalf (volunteer)

Anita Kitchen (staff)

Montgomery County Sheriff's Department

Judy Leasure (Partners staff)

Marvin Lewis (staff)

Christina Moore (staff)

Omega Baptist Church Ushers Association

Mary Panstingel (family)

Sinclair Community College Allied Health Services

Pete Smith (consumer)

Fran & Bill Watkins (family)

Tom Weaver (staff)

Betty Yung (Choices Board)

Voices of Greene County

Voices Matter/Montgomery County

Beavercreek Police honored for their advocacy partnership with Voices of Greene County and Voices Matter/Montgomery County
Kleptz (Englewood) YMCA honored as the pilot program for the development of the Fun-Fit program

Maurice Hollingsworth with his friend Greg Stephens of the Montgomery County Sheriff's office both honored - Maurice for continuing personal achievement and the Sheriff's Department for their safety training for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities

Christina Moore honored for exemplary professional service as member of our Choices' team