Residential Services

“Living at a Choices’ home has changed my life from having no freedom to feeling free like I do now. Staff make sure we get the help we ask from them.” - Destiny Boyer.

More than a home....we are family

Individuals, along with their family members/caregivers, choose their homes, based on available openings from providers throughout the community. Choices is the residential provider of choice for more than 300 individuals in Butler, Clark, Madison, Montgomery and Preble counties.

Our residential services are lifelong and are provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, with professional, dedicated care by our Direct Support Professionals (DSPs.) Individuals (four in a home) live together as an extended family, including many who have shared their homes and lives together for decades. We continue to serve some individuals who became members of our extended family when we began in 1985.

We own and operate some homes, while providing staffing and services in homes and apartments with owners/operators, such as Miami Valley In-Ovations (MVIO.)

Our homes and services are licensed and certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.

When we are needed most....Interim Care Home

Choices is the service provider for Montgomery County’s Interim Care Home, providing care for individuals during emergencies, such as the illness or death of caregivers or abuse and neglect, until they find their permanent home, working in partnership with the Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disabilities Services.

Planning for independence....Monitored Living

We provide residential support in our Monitored Living program to individuals who have identified independent living as one of their goals

Monitored Living supports individuals living in their own apartments or with a roommate in integrated community settings.

Staff have an office in the apartment complex to provide support to individuals as requested or needed, in such areas as budgeting, health care (setting and getting to and from medical appointments), shopping, recreation and more.

Moving to independence....Semi-Independent Living

Semi-Independent Living staff support individuals who live independently in homes in the community and need support in identified areas, such as transportation to medical and other appointments, budgeting, support for community employment and more.

With the support of staff, some individuals have achieved the American Dream and own their own homes.


Shared living

Building a home together....Shared Living.

Imagine the joy of creating a better life and great memories for your family when you open your home and family to an individual with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Choices' Shared Living Program provides caring individuals and families an opportunity to share their homes with an individual with intellectual/developmental disabilities. The benefits to the person with intellectual/developmental disabilities are priceless: a new home and a new family.

Benefits to families participating in the Shared Living Program include:

  • competitive, reliable daily stipend
  • Paid vacation/respite days
  • Financial management for the "new" member of the family
  • Assistance and/or management of medical appointments
  • Training, oversight and certification
  • Reliable, responsive caseworker for support
  • Home study, placement and paperwork management.
For more information about Choices' Shared Living Program, please contact David Roustio at 937-898-2220 or

Something just for me....FunOne

FunOne began in 2017 with funding from the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, the CareSource Foundation and The Brighter Tomorrow Foundation. It is the first service in Ohio to focus on a person-centered, individualized approach to increasing community access and participation through leisure-time and recreational experiences at the direction of the individual with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

Available to eligible individuals in Montgmery County, including community participants. FunOne matches one individual with one staff member to attend and/or participate in a community event/activity, based on the expressed interests of the individual.

Transportation is provided to and from the event/activity. Participants pay for their event activities, including ticket, food, etc., based on their ability to pay. Donations are accepted on an ongoing basis to support activities for individuals who do not have their own funds. Click here and support a FunOne adventure for someone who is waiting.

Participants have taken part in events/activities as varied as attending concerts (Beyoncé, Cher, Temptations and more); going out to dinner and to movies; attending sports events (ball games, WWE Wrestling); taking an art class; going to Kings Island; singing with The Temptations and more as identified by the individuals.

Contact Anita Kitchen at for more information.

Amy Zahora enjoys Chicago concert with Fun One Coordinator Anita Kitchen.
FunOne Coordinator Anita Kitchen and Charlie Johnson enjoy a concert at the Fraze.
Trinity Lutz enjoys Styxx concert with FunOne Coordinator Anita Kitchen.