Never Forget



"This is one of the most important histories of the disability movement ever produced. Anyone who thinks that disability institutions were not violent, malevolent, places should listen carefully to the testimonies of the survivors in these interviews.

Individuals who have been in institutions, their family members, and people who worked in these places tell a harrowing story of violence, abuse, intimidation and a denial of basic rights. I liken this groundbreaking exposé to the work which exposed the abuses in disability institutions by Burton Blatt in the mid-1960s." - Mark D. Sherry, Ph.D, Chair of Disability Services, University of Toledo

Because we know Richard .... we are not only committed to our mission, we live it because we know Richard and so many others who have touched our lives. A kind, gentle and caring man, Richard became one of the first members of our Choices family after leaving a state institution. We have heard his story from those difficult times and the stories of others.

That's why we were honored to support Partners For Community Living in the statewide Lest We Forget effort to record and preserve the first-person histories of those who lived in state institutions, their families and pioneering advocates.

Hear, see and read their stories. ​(links to book, DVD, film that includes link to purchase)

Across the nation and across Ohio, our Lest We Forget film documentary, audio documentary and book are being used in university and college classrooms to teach this little known part of the civil rights movement. They are being used in training for advocacy and direct care professionals, as well as being presented to volunteers, board members, community leaders and elected officials so that we as individuals, organizations and society do not repeat the past.

To schedule a speaker for your class or organization to learn more about Lest We Forget, for a presentation of the film documentary or more about purchasing the book, film and DVD, contact Judy at

Lest We Forget is being used at the national and international levels in colleges and universities, for professional and direct care training, board member and volunteer training, and as advocacy, awareness and educational tools for social service organizations.

The 2 CD audio documentary with stirring soundtrack by Jeff Moyer/Music from the Heart - Lest We Forget: Spoken Histories. Available only from Partners For Community Living.

Home from Purgatory: Freedom, Choice and Life after Christmas in Purgatory. Celebrating the achievements, contributions and lives of people in our communities, our book is available in both hard cover and soft cover. It is also available at or or at

The film documentary Lest We Forget: Silent Voices. The award-winning film, directed by Mark R. Lyons, is also available at Icarus Films, - 800-876-1710 -

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