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Your Gift Matters!

Your gift matters to individuals served by Choices In Community Living have funds to not only meet their needs every day and in emergency, but also, assure they have access to opportunities and resources to enhance their quality of life.

When you give to Choices you:

· Give people with disabilities an opportunity to break free of a life or restrictions and limitations.

· Help those living with disabilities in your community have a shot of independence!

· Succeed at providing comfort, stability, confidence and increased self-sufficiency!

Your gift will meet the needs of one or more of the 500 individuals we serve. Your one gift will help meet immediate and emerging needs!

Your gift may be tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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November 28, 2023
Your gift will be put to use immediately!

Your gift will be used where needed most. However, if you’d like to designate it to a special program, here is a brief description of each:

Adopt-A-Van–accessible transportation is a must and are committed to community integration made possible by transportation. However, there is limited funding to meet the ongoing demand for vans. It costs $12.50 a day to keep the vans on the go!

Choices’ Champions – new free-standing adult day center offering cooking and nutrition training, sensory center, exercise, gaming, and more.

Fun-Fit – support for field trips and community outings for group participants in our Fun-Fit Adult Day Services program

FunOne – direct support for individuals to participate in individualized, one-on-one recreational opportunities in the community in our Adult Services FunOne program when an individual has

no personal funds to pay for concert tickets, sporting events; movies, going out to dinner and more

Wish List – direct support for individuals for clothing, shoes, medical equipment, recreation, holiday gifts and more when there are no other funding sources available

Click on the "Donate Now" buttons to give through our secure website.

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Why We Give

"We believe everyone is capable of helping in some way. Whether it's a simple compliment, a thank you note or a donation, the ability to share brings happiness to us. We know firsthand that the people served by Choices have needs all year long. Here's our challenge to everyone reading this .... reach out to Choices to learn about their volunteer opportunities - donate a prize for one of their events - donate cash or donate your time. You can make a difference."

-Tom & Sherri Giver

“It’s not what we do to help those in need. It’s why we do it. Everyone has it in their heart to give what they can to improve the lives of others. Make a choice to make a difference.”

Myron Rheaume

Member, Board of Trustees

Choices In Community Living