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Executive Director

They are three of the most powerful words I know. They are the words that guide everything we do at Choices In Community Living. HOME. FAMILY. COMMUNITY.

… to be a part of and not apart from the community, living in accessible and integrated communities as valued and contributing friends and neighbors … we are home, family, community.

Tom Weaver

Former Executive Director




From care-taking
to great expectations.

"We've come a long, long way since those days of our pioneering families and advocates .... those days when our great expectations centered on what we should and could do for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities. It is a different time and a different view. The future is not in what WE expect for people. The present and the future is about how we support individuals in setting their own expectations, to give voice to their own dreams and goals. We will not stand in their place, rather we will stand with them, and when needed, behind them, through their challenges and triumphs, as they set upon their own journeys to become who they can and should be." - Tom Weaver, Executive Director

Pictured above are Program Director Danette Addison and Richard Boze. Born in 1928, Richard spent many years in a state institution before finding his forever home at Choices In Community Living in 1988.

Wall of Honor.

At Choices In Community Living, we strive to provide the most innovative services possible to the individuals that we serve. We celebrate success and accomplishment.

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Dionte Cooley Garrett - Her calm and quick actions saved the lives of three men when tornadoes hit their home on Memorial Day, 2019

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